Latest Inflation Data Could Be the Catalyst for Bitcoin (BTC)

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has been on a rollercoaster ride in recent months, with the cryptocurrency reaching all-time highs and then plunging sharply. However, the latest inflation data could provide a much-needed catalyst for Bitcoin, potentially pushing its price higher in the near future. Inflation has been a key concern for many investors and […]

Robin Linus, the mind behind ‘BitVM’ for Bitcoin $BTC Smart Contracts, unveils a fresh vision for File Hosting

Robin Linus, the influential author of ‘BitVM’ for Bitcoin $BTC Smart Contracts, is making headlines once again with his new plan for file hosting. Linus is known for his innovative work in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, and his latest venture is sure to grab the attention of the tech world. BitVM, Linus’s previous project, […]

Institutional Bitcoin Inflows Exceed $1 Billion in 2023 as BTC Supply Tightens

In a groundbreaking development for the cryptocurrency world, Bitcoin has seen institutional inflows top $1 billion in 2023, signaling a growing trend of institutions embracing the leading digital currency. This influx of institutional investment comes at a time when Bitcoin’s supply is under pressure, creating a bullish case for the cryptocurrency. The surge in institutional […]