El Salvador Incorporates Cryptocurrency Education into School Syllabus

El Salvador’s government has initiated a comprehensive educational initiative on cryptocurrencies for its public school attendees. This move comes two years after the nation recognized Bitcoin as an official currency. The primary objective is to equip educators with knowledge about cryptocurrencies, enabling them to impart lessons on cryptographic fundamentals and digital asset utilization to their […]

Incentives for Reporting Crypto Leaders Under Scrutiny in China

Recent investigations by Chinese media outlet, Odailu Digest, have revealed that certain governmental bodies in China are offering financial incentives to those who provide information leading to the capture of leading figures in the cryptocurrency industry. These tips usually stem from research entities who, in collaboration with local law enforcement, report activities of hidden blockchain […]

Cayman Islands Opens Doors for Major Cryptocurrency Investors

A Cayman Islands-based firm, Ledn, accredited by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, has opened pathways for bitcoin enthusiasts to leverage their digital assets in acquiring golden visas. As a recognized Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) in the Cayman Islands, Ledn permits users of the premier cryptocurrency to use their BTC holdings as security to secure […]

Binance’s Cryptocurrency Platform Debuts Binance Pay in Brazil

In a recent move, Binance, the renowned cryptocurrency platform, unveiled its Binance Pay service in Brazil. This initiative paves the way for local vendors to integrate crypto payments. The key advantage of this system is the swift transaction speed coupled with zero extra charges. This cutting-edge service grants Brazilian merchants the flexibility to process payments […]

Ukraine Formally Acknowledges Digital Assets Under Civil Law

On August 10, Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada approved two pivotal pieces of legislation which categorize virtual assets and digital content as subjects under civil law, as per reports by Interfax-Ukraine. These laws incorporate the term “digital entities” into the Civil Code. Specifically, these entities encompass elements like virtual assets, digital content, online user accounts, as well […]

Miami’s Mayor Francis Suarez Accepts Bitcoin Contributions for White House Bid

Francis Suarez, the Mayor of Miami, Florida, has openly declared his intent to welcome contributions in Bitcoin for his upcoming presidential campaign. He made this announcement during an exclusive chat with CoinDesk TV, highlighting his vision for the presidential race and expressing his embrace of the first cryptocurrency. Individuals who support Suarez’s political aspirations can […]

SEC Halts Operations of Crypto Mining Firm DEBT Box, Freezes Assets Amid Accusations of $50 Million Fraudulent Scheme

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has recently taken drastic measures against the crypto mining firm, Digital Licensing, alternatively known as DEBT Box, by putting a temporary halt to their financial assets. Continuing its relentless pursuit against malpractices in the cryptocurrency sector, the SEC came down hard on Digital Licensing on charges of […]

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Partners with Fireblocks to Bring Cryptocurrency Services to Institutional Clients: A New Era of Digital Capital Markets

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) has embarked on a partnership with digital assets service provider Fireblocks to extend cryptocurrency-related services to institutional clients. This joint venture seeks to leverage the robust market presence and experience of both TASE and Fireblocks in the Israeli territory, while offering sophisticated digital solutions to regulated entities. The venture […]