Coinbase przekazało 25 milionów dolarów na rzecz super-PAC Fairshake zajmującego się kryptowalutami; Ripple przekazał 20 milionów dolarów

In a major move to promote the growth and acceptance of cryptocurrency in the political arena, Coinbase has made a significant donation of $25 million to the crypto super-PAC Fairshake. The donation is aimed at supporting the Fairshake’s mission of advocating for fair and equitable regulations for the cryptocurrency industry.

Fairshake is a political action committee formed with the purpose of making sure that the cryptocurrency industry has a voice in the US government. With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Fairshake aims to ensure that policymakers understand the potential of these digital assets and work towards creating a regulatory framework that fosters innovation and growth in the industry.

Coinbase’s donation is a clear indication of its commitment to advancing the adoption and acceptance of cryptocurrency on a broader scale. The exchange has been at the forefront of pushing for regulatory clarity and has consistently worked with lawmakers and regulators to ensure that the industry can thrive under a transparent and fair set of regulations.

In a statement, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong expressed his support for Fairshake’s mission, stating, “We believe it’s important that the cryptocurrency industry has a voice in Washington, and are proud to support the mission of Fairshake. We hope that this donation will help to advance fair and equitable regulations that will benefit the entire industry.”

The donation comes at a critical time for the cryptocurrency industry, as regulators around the world are grappling with how to approach the digital asset space. With the rapid growth and adoption of cryptocurrencies, it is essential for policymakers to have a clear understanding of the potential benefits and risks associated with these digital assets.

In a separate development, Ripple, a leading blockchain company, has also made a substantial donation of $20 million to support the advancement of cryptocurrency in Poland. The donation is aimed at promoting the adoption and acceptance of blockchain technology in the country and supporting initiatives that drive innovation in the cryptocurrency space.

Ripple’s donation reflects the company’s commitment to working with governments and regulatory bodies to create an environment that is conducive to the growth of the cryptocurrency industry. With Poland being a key market for Ripple, the donation will go towards funding projects and initiatives that aim to educate policymakers and stakeholders about the potential of blockchain technology and its impact on the economy.

The donations from Coinbase and Ripple mark a significant step forward in advancing the acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrency on a global scale. By supporting political action committees and initiatives that advocate for fair and equitable regulations, both companies are playing a crucial role in shaping the future of the cryptocurrency industry and ensuring that it can thrive in a regulated and transparent environment.

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