Cointelegraph: FTX’s previous external legal team denies any connection to fraud allegations

Cointelegraph – FTX’s former external legal team has come forward to dispute any involvement in the recent fraud allegations surrounding the cryptocurrency exchange. In a statement released today, the legal team clarified that they had no knowledge or participation in any fraudulent activities.

The allegations against FTX surfaced earlier this week, accusing the exchange of engaging in fraudulent practices. However, the former external legal team maintains that they were not involved in any wrongdoing and were unaware of any fraudulent activities taking place within the company.

The legal team emphasized their commitment to upholding ethical standards and providing sound legal advice to their clients. They expressed their disappointment at being associated with the fraud allegations and stated that they would fully cooperate with any investigations to clear their name.

FTX has yet to respond to the claims made by its former external legal team. The exchange has been under scrutiny recently due to its rapid growth and increasing popularity among cryptocurrency traders.

As the investigation into the fraud allegations continues, it remains to be seen how FTX will address these accusations and restore trust among its users and stakeholders.

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