Copper’s ClearLoop Network Welcomes Cryptocurrency Custodian Komainu, Supported by Nomura

Nomura-backed Komainu, a digital asset custody provider, has announced its partnership with Copper, a leading digital asset infrastructure provider, to join Copper’s ClearLoop network. The collaboration aims to enhance cryptocurrency security and bring seamless connectivity to institutional investors.

Komainu, a venture between Nomura and Ledger, is a trusted name in the digital asset custody space. Their focus is on providing a secure and compliant platform for institutions to manage their crypto assets. By joining forces with Copper, they can further expand their reach and offer their services to a broader network of clients.

Copper’s ClearLoop network is a secure custody and settlement solution that allows institutions to trade securely across multiple exchanges without the need to move assets. By integrating with ClearLoop, Komainu can provide its customers with a streamlined and highly secure trading experience.

One of the main advantages of the partnership is the ability to settle trades instantly and securely. Customers can execute trades through Copper’s platform, and the assets remain securely held in Komainu’s custody until settlement. This eliminates the need to move assets between exchanges, reducing the risk of theft or loss during the transfer process.

The collaboration between Komainu and Copper also addresses another crucial aspect of institutional investment in cryptocurrencies: compliance. Komainu’s custody solutions are designed to follow strict regulatory standards, ensuring that institutions can safely store their digital assets. By integrating with Copper’s ClearLoop, Komainu can offer its clients a comprehensive compliance solution, further reinforcing the security and safety of their assets.

The partnership between Komainu and Copper highlights the increasing demand for reliable and secure custody solutions within the cryptocurrency industry. As institutional interest in digital assets grows, there is a need for trusted custodians that can provide the necessary infrastructure and security measures. By joining the ClearLoop network, Komainu can tap into Copper’s extensive client base, expanding its services to a wider range of institutional investors.

This collaboration is a significant step forward for the institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies. With the reputation and expertise of both Komainu and Copper, institutional investors can gain confidence in the security and compliance of their digital asset investments. The partnership will not only enhance the customer experience but also contribute to the overall growth and maturity of the cryptocurrency industry.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Nomura-backed Komainu and Copper’s ClearLoop network is a significant development in the digital asset custody space. By integrating Komainu’s secure custody solutions with Copper’s trading and settlement infrastructure, the partnership aims to provide institutional investors with a seamless and secure cryptocurrency trading experience. This collaboration addresses the increasing demand for reliable custodians and reinforces the institutional adoption of digital assets.

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